“Unending Rewind”

The Lord breathes on trees, removing the green

and filling in reds and the yellows.

He sends summer away, as if to say,

“That’s enough of your heat now, dear fellow!”

Then cool Autumn descends and with her attends

God’s hand of sleep, easing the sap.

Vast fields of green towers soon lower their flowers

and nestle into the Lord’s lap.

The harsh winds of winter will yield to spring’s splendor

and summer’s haze not far behind.

Then sleep comes again, and God’s breath ushers in

Creation’s unending rewind.


A Poem of Hope: Look Ahead!

Look ahead, for the horizon is fixed and sure

and the Hope of the Righteous is waiting.

Our sails are unfurled and full of Glory;

they snap boldly in Promise’s gusts.

Look ahead to be warmed by the fire

set aflame  in  Obedient breasts

where nothing defiles or deters our course;

putrid guile finds no place in our ports.

Freedom awaits those who will not yield

to man-pleasing’s weakening ways;

but their grasp remains firm in the Father’s field,

their necks faced like flint toward day.

At this time  we must remain stalwart:

refusing to crush Righteousness;

denying our own understanding,

turning soulish translations away.

God says one thing, but we miss His Truth

by assuming He’s saying another.

Turn your eyes from deception and live!

Make His quiet humility your friend.

With all your strength, look ahead,

for the future is set and The City awaits;

with unshakeable hearts – LOOK AHEAD!

Copyright 7-27-2016, SJ Palmer


You can cry in front of God

Makes no difference who you are
Living near, living far…
You can cry in front of God.

If you’ve never cried before
Lay it down at the door…
You can cry in front of God.

Don’t be too proud to come in
Get forgiven for your sins
Even if folks call you odd.

Close the door, fall to the ground
You don’t have to make a sound…
But just cry in front of God.

You can cry in front of God.

© 2016 SJ Palmer

Our Human Experience: Twins

We can be with others,
We can be alone,
 for when we are together,
no one else is known.

It’s like God has built all around us
a love that helps humans make sense.
The light, dark, and shading can’t ground us
for we’re cinched much tighter than friends.

We’re sisters, it’s awesome
twin sisters, it’s true;
but our branch has more blossoms
than we ever knew.

The motion of thought
in our hearts does a dance;
we both are blood-bought,
we’ve been given the chance

To take our thoughts deeper
and truer and real
we each have an excellent Teacher, we feel.
(We know the Good Lord, and He’s made us twins.)

God’s granted our hearts the greatest of gifts;
despite all life’s trials and personal rifts
our blood flows together and shares the same space.
Some siblings let fists fly all over the place.

So we praise the Father for “twindom” and love
that’s so far beyond what’s below or above…

the realm of our human experience.

©2016 by SJ Palmer