Humility: A Poem of Thanksgiving to God

Knowing as my Source Your amazing power;
Holding up my hands, praising You each hour

lifting with my voice Your Love Song every day;
declaring to the world how You showed me the way

and my Love for You is strong, because the very thing
that opens up my song – that causes me to sing –

is that You first Loved me, and looked on me with care
and took me to Your home, enfolding me in prayer.

You brought down my defenses as I sat at Your feet,
You bathed me in adoption, and sat me on Your knee.

Then with a gentle hand, You touched me on the head
and nurtured me at Your strong breast ‘til I was fully fed.

That You are One so Faithful, and even unto death
Your strength will give me Courage, Your love will give me breath!

Oh, Lord, You are my Source, You make my life complete;
as I will ever need You, so You will ever teach.

I thank You for the Harvest of souls to lead in prayer,
and thank You for the workers who stand among the tares

until Your Day of Judgment when You will take the wheat
and long inhale their fragrance and set them at Your feet.

As Your Beloved Children, we all will learn from You;
You overflow the Harvest though laborers are few.

You strengthen and You teach us, and lift us from the weeds
changing our inner garments and meeting all our needs.

As you affect Your Mercy, Your Goodness, and Your care
You lead me every hour and make me more aware

that I am still Your flower, Your Pure and Righteous Seed;
My shackles are in Your hands, for You have set me free.

And so, Dear Lord, I thank You for always giving me
What I have always needed – Your Goodness and Your knee!

(Copyright © 2005 Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)