Unfailing Arms

I sit safely on the soft shores of Daddy’s Love because He has saved me from the sea of my trifles;

I’m more trouble to myself, at times, than the enemy affords.

God breathes life back into lungs once heavy-laden with sorrow;

the blanket of His rest has lifted downcast eyes. I sit watching from safe shores all the benefits of “plenty”;

all the fruits of His Great Love are now mine to enjoy.

He won’t suffer memories to ripple their travail against the trusty banks of faithfulness that He has lodged in me;

nor will He see my head bowed to fear.

I look down at choppy waters (raging angrily without me) from the high nest of the sanctuary in which He settles me.

The waves bounce and splash about, but they cannot touch me;

I’m enveloped – resting warmly – in Christ’s unfailing arms.

(Copyright © 2014 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)