Twins: I Love It

Thoughts occur to me,
thoughts occur to you.
God shares them with both of us
seemingly out of the blue.

My heart quickly beating and my mind
throws a pure line out to you.
I know what thoughts you’re thinking,
and I know you know my thoughts, too.

New words will form on your lips,
their idea will flood through my mind;
they then will pass through my heart
with utterances not far behind.

(A silent exchange, a human exchange linking my heart to yours, and I like it.)

It’s odd that thinking my thoughts
is so much like thinking yours.
Our brains have been fused together
on God’s supernatural forge.

’cause that’s what lives are about
when they’re joined as our lives have been.
Beyond our imaginations
having nothing to do with sin.

(It’s time that I wrote about it, and left it no longer ignored…)

For we were “breathed out” together
from God’s Benevolent Form;
our hearts run along His true tether
and, for both of us, this is the norm.

We think, we speak, we act as one mind
that God-given unity’s so hard to find…

and I LOVE IT.

©2016 by SJ Palmer