Our Human Experience: Twins

We can be with others,
We can be alone,
 for when we are together,
no one else is known.

It’s like God has built all around us
a love that helps humans make sense.
The light, dark, and shading can’t ground us
for we’re cinched much tighter than friends.

We’re sisters, it’s awesome
twin sisters, it’s true;
but our branch has more blossoms
than we ever knew.

The motion of thought
in our hearts does a dance;
we both are blood-bought,
we’ve been given the chance

To take our thoughts deeper
and truer and real
we each have an excellent Teacher, we feel.
(We know the Good Lord, and He’s made us twins.)

God’s granted our hearts the greatest of gifts;
despite all life’s trials and personal rifts
our blood flows together and shares the same space.
Some siblings let fists fly all over the place.

So we praise the Father for “twindom” and love
that’s so far beyond what’s below or above…

the realm of our human experience.

©2016 by SJ Palmer