About Poetry

Poetry’s my baby because it aptly carries every expression of the heart. The poems here are ones gathered from the fields of God’s love within me.  Holy Spirit harvests them at the time God selects to bless the multitudes in His Precious Name.

I love writing period, as readers of my works already know; but forming rhymes with words is like writing musical harmonies, and I find that delightful and intriguing.  God is indulging me in His  ministry of encouragement throughout Word Press, Blogger, Weebly, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, and wherever else He sends me.  Thank You for stopping here for a visit.  You are entirely welcomed to return.

Not all of these poems rhyme, but they all carry God’s holy, often musical imprint of love and favor.  I pray you enjoy  your visit enough to leave me comments so we can talk and know each other better. God bless you!

Pastor Sharon


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