You’re All I Want – A Song of Desire for Jesus

We Only Want You - DG post

Lord, You’ve made the flowers
But we only want You

You’ve made the sunshine
But we only want You

You’ve made the oceans
But we only want You

You’ve made the mountains
But we only want You

and the sweeping green pastures
But we only want You

Lord, it’s not that we don’t recognize
the deep richness of Your power…

But we desire to be reconciled
to Your heart, above all things!

Lord, You’ve made the sunsets
But we only want You 

You’ve made the rainfalls
But we only want You

You’ve made the pebbles
But we only want You

skipping lightly upon the streams.
But we only want You

You’ve made my day break
But we only want You

after nights of suffering
But we only want You

I seek Your favor and
Your heart above all things!

Mighty God, I LOVE YOU
I see Your green eyes through the residue

of all life’s troubles, all life brings to discourage me…

Without Your HEART, Your loving care
I would view favor as despair

and I just want to sacrifice my praises ALL DAY LONG…

Because I only want You

Because I only want You


My Lord, all I really want… is You…

(Copyright © 9-11-13 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)


“I Will Bloom” (a modern sonnet)

ButtercupI will bloom in the midst of the storm,
though the clouds linger black overhead.
I will sing unto God a new song
because, in Him, I’m thoroughly fed.
I will make brilliant praise to the King
Who has planted my life in His fields.
To His harvest I will boldly bring
testimony that trusting Him yields.
He’s our God through the good & our God through the bad;
in His Name I will JOY and DELIGHT and be GLAD!
And no matter the dark threat of rain…
or the rumbling skies frowning down…

I will bloom for my God, unashamed
and receive from His hands a new crown.

(Copyright © 2013 by Sharon Joy.)

His Garden

photo credit: ukgardenphotos via photopin cc

photo credit: ukgardenphotos via photopin cc

A garden of sweetness and freshness indeed,

His Wisdom and Fragrance on your face to read

is open to all those who will enter in

to partake and receive where His steps have been

of the power and ‘Son’-shine, the Spirit’s soft glow

on your face in His time and His way to show

the power and strength of His Spirit in you;

there’s a garden of God’s love in all that you do.

 (Copyright © 2000, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)