Each Tomorrow

Our Father sees us going wrong
but He knows we won’t for long
forsake His revealed way for paths of sorrow.

His hands remain outstretched
even though our souls are vexed;
His mercies flow anew with each “tomorrow”.

Reach out and up to Him without Whom we’ll never win

and don’t believe the lies of condemnation!

Jehovah God is ours despite sin’s blackened towers
in guilt and in discouraging frustration.

Clasp His mighty hand today,
He’ll make straight each crooked way –
and bring us out of sin and its great sorrow.

Remember that His hand’s outstretched
to receive you to His breast –
and bring us safely home to each tomorrow.

(Copyright © 1-7-2014 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)


The Father’s Love

photo credit: Esparta via photopin cc

photo credit: Esparta via photopin cc

The intimate Love of our Father above
in sweetness and fragrance beyond measure.
An endless, gold band is His Loving hand
from bottomless coffers of treasure.
He marries us deep and angels do weep
at the show of His Favor – adoring.
The “Bride” tenderly pressed to His bountiful breast
can see no one but Him – sin abhorring.
Once a glimpse of His face has ensured our embrace
of His precepts through Love everlasting,
we’re assured a return and no longer do yearn
for the form to take hold of the casting.
The fruition of founding in our hearts abounding,
we move to our homes – sons and daughters
of the Father Most High Who resides in the sky
and is to every heart Living Waters.

(Copyright © 2004, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

Green Eyes

GREEN EYES - poets voiceA pair of green eyes for me to see
the face of the Father eternally.

A pair of green eyes, life-giving eyes;
my hands on His face, one on each side
of His handsome face, His glorious eyes
burst into my soul, burn into my eyes.

A pair of green eyes – wonderful eyes,
He steadies His gaze – His focus is wise,
understanding, and true and holy, and loving,
and knowing of me, and telling and trusting.

I love His eyes! How I love His eyes!
His marvelous, soothing, enveloping eyes.
Jehovah’s deep eyes, a deep-green surprise,
a pool of belonging and sweet family ties.

Lord Jesus’ eyes come from His deep, green eyes.

A pair of green eyes, lively, wonderful eyes
that perceive all things and give life – never lies,
never darkness nor death nor sorrow nor pain;
I’ll dive into these eyes and not surface again.

I love the Lord’s eyes and God’s eyes love me.
I will take them forever in my eyes to see
all the world through His influence and through His care;
take the Lord’s heart within them with me everywhere.

The depth of His eyes, the sweetness, the green,
the life and the love more than I’ve ever seen!
The depth of His eyes, the green, loving eyes
of My Father Jehovah are themselves the prize!!

(Copyright © 2006 Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)