His Gold Will Ever Stay

When God imparts His Life,
He redeems a man from strife
then spreads His seed in Gold
to ‘dust’ the new man’s soul.

Though saints do often weep,
such rich comfort floods the sweep
of God’s Arms in tender sway,
they know Gold will ever stay.

And through darkest trials will come
the transforming to His Son
if we understand and persevere
until the battling’s done.

God’s Seal each faithful hour
trumps to all this Truth and Power
through the ‘redeemed’ voice of clay:
“His Gold will ever stay!”

(Copyright © 2006 Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)


“I Will Bloom” (a modern sonnet)

ButtercupI will bloom in the midst of the storm,
though the clouds linger black overhead.
I will sing unto God a new song
because, in Him, I’m thoroughly fed.
I will make brilliant praise to the King
Who has planted my life in His fields.
To His harvest I will boldly bring
testimony that trusting Him yields.
He’s our God through the good & our God through the bad;
in His Name I will JOY and DELIGHT and be GLAD!
And no matter the dark threat of rain…
or the rumbling skies frowning down…

I will bloom for my God, unashamed
and receive from His hands a new crown.

(Copyright © 2013 by Sharon Joy.)

New Life

photo credit: DomiKetu via photopin cc

photo credit: DomiKetu via photopin cc

Today, I feel like a kitten;
I feel like an innocent child.

The mysteries of life had been hidden
from my sight and my hearing a while.
But now, I vividly see them
and I hear their voice in me!
My Heavenly Father controls me;
I’m loved by the One Who’s the Three.
No earthly trials can harm my gates
nor steal from me His dominion and grace
abundantly shining, in purpose defining
the smile bursting forth from my face.
So I humbly submit and obey Him
and relish His New Life in me.
Today, I feel like an innocent child,
delivered, at rest, and set free!

(Copyright © 2013 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)