“Your Shout!”

  1. Restore my heart when virtue rises in me and goes out.

Renew my voice, refill my soul, endue me with Your shout!

My Lord, My God, it’s all day long I sing and worship You.

I see Your face and hear Your voice and share them with the few

You have commended to my hands and heart to know Your praise.

Your tongue of Wisdom and of Love I’ll value all my days.

And when my life has ended and my cup has overflown,

my wounds and hurts all mended by the balm that I have known,

I’ll reach up with my hands and with my heart to heights anew,

until my redeemed soul and vital spirit mesh with You.

Refresh my wearied body, Lord, so that I can press on,

and be the Voice within me drawing others to Your Song!

I have no need to fear the evil forces or their pranks,

for Your hand goes before me wreaking havoc in their ranks.

Rest mighty on my focus, God – remove all fear and doubt;

and tumble walls of envy, bursting through them with Your shout!

Poem and Photo Copyright © 2014 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.


“I’m a Miracle!”

I sit looking at sin on one hand – looking at God on the other.
It’s supposed to be…
Looking at GOD on one hand – looking at sin on the other!
So, why doesn’t GOD come first?
Because this flesh of mine, this thirst
for the sin that constantly haunts me
and then serpentinely stalks me
gets under my skin telling me I can’t win
but the truth is Christ Jesus has bought me,
and my Father in Heaven has taught me…
Look what He’s brought me from!
because the battle HE has won!
So I say ‘no’ to sin – it’s not going to win.
I say YES to the Victory…
that has purchased my blood with a redeeming flood;
I’m transfused by Calvary!
I am a child… OF GOD!  HALLELUJAH!
And with His Blood I’ve been washed.

So I look unto HIM… I don’t look at that sin.
My fevered thirst is quenched,
the enemy’s been benched.
God’s Heaven is my home,
and I dwell before His Throne just because…
Thank You, Jesus!
Yes, I’M A  M I R A C L E !

(Copyright © 10-17-13 by Sharon Joy.  All Rights Reserved.)

Thanks Be to God!

Father, Your Love to me is wonderful.
As flowers yield their depths to sunlight, I have opened my life to You.
You have welcomed me with grateful Arms;
I am loved, nurtured, and bathed in springtime rain.
While shielded from the sting of winter’s harsh and bitter grasp,
Your kindness nestles me in the comfort of Your womb.
All I have, and all I know, is LOVE for You.
You are all things to me, dear Lord, and
for this, I truly thank You.

Father, Your Love for me is incomparable
and, as orchids link their fiery hues to summer’s buttery breezes,
I give my breath to You in song.
Your Strong Winds blend all utterances with Your Eternal Life.
I am Yours to direct in Your Good Pleasure.
All fragrances of Love and Life are Yours and precious to me.
You’ve pressed the flower of my life within Your Bosom’s pages;
eternally remembered by You.
Your harmonies go on in me in praises everlasting;
I’m bursting with Your Wind chimes!
In You I will rejoice!

The passion of my life is Your symphonic masterpiece.
For this and every phrase of JOY, My Father, I do thank You.

(Copyright  © 2013 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

To Sing

The Lord has held my hand in this and many other things.

He’s taught me how to dance and laugh and worship – and to sing.

The Lord above has given me ALL of my inspiration,

a love for creatures great and small, and hope for every nation

to stand before Him straight one day with honor and with praise

to hear the books lop open on that greatest of all days.

The Lord has put that hope in me and made my heart to sing.

He’s planted all His fruit of Love and Joy in everything.

And so, today, my heart rejoices with My God on High

and my voice above other voices lifted to the sky

will thank Him for His special gifts and what He’s done for me.

My gratitude shown by my praise and by my bended knee.

(Copyright © 2013, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

Psalms 100 2