The Host in White

Heaven’s fire is burning in me

just like it burns in the Holy City.

God’s Spirit burns brightly in the midst of His Host;

Blessed Father, Son, and Sweet Holy Ghost.

I will be there to see them burn brightly

because His word I’ll never take lightly,

and He has promised we’ll see His Face

when we’ve allowed Him to run our race.

Yes, Heaven’s fire is burning in me;

where I’ll serve my Master, eternally,

and never grow used to or tired to see

the “Host in White”, which includes me!

From every nation they’ll gather there

forever rejoicing, all freed from care.

God will coronate His Holy Lamb

and crown Him ever, “The Great I Am”

and I will be there, yes, I will see

the Redeemed shouting and I will be

standing right in the midst of them;

shining and shimmering just like gems!

Let God’s fire burn in all of His might

and my heart rejoice with His Host in White!

HALLELUJAH! God’s fiery Host in White!


Jesus and Tea

cup of tea

Tea is like the Lord, so soothing and so sound.

It heats up all my insides and is fragrant going down.

Its deep, rich, amber color is so like the Throne of God

and the lights which spring forth from it in rotating thunder rods.

The leaves of tea bring healing just like the Tree of Life

and birth in me new energy, and grant me sleep at night.

Leaves brown and green mark new roads in humility and life.

A crown and ring God gives to me as His pearl of great price.

Yes, tea will ere remind me of what God has done for me,

and I will ere be grateful for their similarities.

(Copyright © 2-10-15 by Sharon Joy.  All Rights Reserved.)

“I’m a Miracle!”

I sit looking at sin on one hand – looking at God on the other.
It’s supposed to be…
Looking at GOD on one hand – looking at sin on the other!
So, why doesn’t GOD come first?
Because this flesh of mine, this thirst
for the sin that constantly haunts me
and then serpentinely stalks me
gets under my skin telling me I can’t win
but the truth is Christ Jesus has bought me,
and my Father in Heaven has taught me…
Look what He’s brought me from!
because the battle HE has won!
So I say ‘no’ to sin – it’s not going to win.
I say YES to the Victory…
that has purchased my blood with a redeeming flood;
I’m transfused by Calvary!
I am a child… OF GOD!  HALLELUJAH!
And with His Blood I’ve been washed.

So I look unto HIM… I don’t look at that sin.
My fevered thirst is quenched,
the enemy’s been benched.
God’s Heaven is my home,
and I dwell before His Throne just because…
Thank You, Jesus!
Yes, I’M A  M I R A C L E !

(Copyright © 10-17-13 by Sharon Joy.  All Rights Reserved.)

His Gold Will Ever Stay

When God imparts His Life,
He redeems a man from strife
then spreads His seed in Gold
to ‘dust’ the new man’s soul.

Though saints do often weep,
such rich comfort floods the sweep
of God’s Arms in tender sway,
they know Gold will ever stay.

And through darkest trials will come
the transforming to His Son
if we understand and persevere
until the battling’s done.

God’s Seal each faithful hour
trumps to all this Truth and Power
through the ‘redeemed’ voice of clay:
“His Gold will ever stay!”

(Copyright © 2006 Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)