Circle of Prayer

How many prayers were prayed for me
and lifted to God on a bended knee?

How many sacrifices were made
by God-fearing souls so I could be saved?
That I would be righteous, unyielding, and wise;
and ever press on toward the mark of the prize?

So I should remember, give thanks, and be glad
that those gone before me, in white linen clad,
did not think it lowly to lift prayers for me,
but cited in God’s heart the deep urgency

that I should be favored by what they would pray –
His Scepter extended, no hint of delay
to snatch my young heart from beelzebub’s grasp
and seal it with LOVE which forever would last!

Yes, how many times was I lifted in prayer
that God’s faithful Signet of Life would be where
neither thief can break into, nor rust can corrode;
and I would rest safe in His Bosom’s Abode.

So now I say “thank you” as I watch and pray
for souls to be touched by the words I will say
in grateful entreaty, petitions I’ll start
that lives may be changed by the Love of God’s Heart.

(Copyright © 2013, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)
why do we pray


Each Tomorrow

Our Father sees us going wrong
but He knows we won’t for long
forsake His revealed way for paths of sorrow.

His hands remain outstretched
even though our souls are vexed;
His mercies flow anew with each “tomorrow”.

Reach out and up to Him without Whom we’ll never win

and don’t believe the lies of condemnation!

Jehovah God is ours despite sin’s blackened towers
in guilt and in discouraging frustration.

Clasp His mighty hand today,
He’ll make straight each crooked way –
and bring us out of sin and its great sorrow.

Remember that His hand’s outstretched
to receive you to His breast –
and bring us safely home to each tomorrow.

(Copyright © 1-7-2014 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

His Light on Me


When God’s Light shines on me
all sin and shame must flee.
Awake! All my senses
and gone my defenses
because I am loved by the Three.
If I am ever unsure
that my thoughts and intentions are pure
the Savior, He sees me,
forgiveness is easy
because, in His faith, I endure.
Merciful God! O, Father above!
In holiness, bathe me in Your endless love
where troubles and worries all cease,
and my heart is seized by Your peace,
and Your breast is soft as a dove.
(Copyright © 10-30-13 by Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

From God’s Heart to Yours

medium_8738180698.jpgYou are escorted wherever you go
the Hand of God, the redeeming flow
of His Mercy extended and outstretched arm
to keep you close by Him and shield you from harm.

You’re always guided by fountains of Love
which flow from His wellspring below and above
covering each place where He set His eyes
to lead you and guide you along in this life.

When Time is over and God says, “No More”,
He’ll lead you at last to His Heavenly shore
with beaches and soft sand and all that you like,
you’ll embrace and hug Him with all of your might.

He’ll declare it all worth it, and you will agree
as He gestures to pick from that All Living Tree
that will spring forth His Life like never before,
above you, within you, and oh, so much more!

“Take, eat and drink, enjoy all My Life!

be rested from burdens, be freed from all strife!
This was made ready the moment you prayed
and when faced with abandonment, instead you stayed.

Persevering in prayer and making each day
an altar of Thanks, showing others the Way
laid before them by My Son, Who Himself is Light;
we welcome you here now, where there is no night.”

(Copyright © 2002, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)