Circle of Prayer

How many prayers were prayed for me
and lifted to God on a bended knee?

How many sacrifices were made
by God-fearing souls so I could be saved?
That I would be righteous, unyielding, and wise;
and ever press on toward the mark of the prize?

So I should remember, give thanks, and be glad
that those gone before me, in white linen clad,
did not think it lowly to lift prayers for me,
but cited in God’s heart the deep urgency

that I should be favored by what they would pray –
His Scepter extended, no hint of delay
to snatch my young heart from beelzebub’s grasp
and seal it with LOVE which forever would last!

Yes, how many times was I lifted in prayer
that God’s faithful Signet of Life would be where
neither thief can break into, nor rust can corrode;
and I would rest safe in His Bosom’s Abode.

So now I say “thank you” as I watch and pray
for souls to be touched by the words I will say
in grateful entreaty, petitions I’ll start
that lives may be changed by the Love of God’s Heart.

(Copyright © 2013, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)
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I Thank You

Cross - GS websiteI bless Your Holy Name, Lord God
I bless Your Holy Name.

I thank You for Your sacrifice,
I thank You for the grave.

Yes, thank You for the grave, Lord God
from which You’ve rescued me.
I bow my life before You, King
and worship, gratefully.

Your nail-scarred hands are precious gems,
so is Your bleeding side.
Though faith in You the world condemns
I know You are the Prize,

the Pearl, the treasure chest of love
that frees me from all care
I know Your bleeding side is rich,
I see that it is where
Your Spirit leads the sinner to
when he’s had quite enough
of burdens foul and bitter roots,
and seas – stormy and rough.

So, Lord, I’m pressed against Your side
and I accept Your plan
that breathes in me eternal life
and makes me a new “man”!

(Copyright © 2013, Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)

You Made the Way

Commit to God - GS websiteYou made the way for everything,
You made the way for me.
Your Priestly holdings God ordained
and sealed them by the tree.

Your sacrifice of Love endured
and stretched through generations
so I could know the Father’s heart
with all the other nations.

You’ve taught me that the Father’s
BIG enough to embrace me,
supply me with His Perfect Love
and Source exclusively.

Exclusively to me and You and
all those You’ve created.
Intimacy He’s desired – separation’s hated.
And You’re not jealous, Jesus, ‘cause

You know God’s GREAT enough
to surround me in our quiet times
with all-surpassing LOVE

and still have the same for everyone
and that’s INCLUDING You!
Your example, Christ, by what You gave
shows me what I can do:

I can love you, Lord, and not withhold
the smallest, simplest thing
about Your heart to those I love,
about Your being King

of all that was and all that will be,
King of all I do;
but mostly that the way is made to God

(Copyright © 2008 Sharon Joy. All Rights Reserved.)